Know the People and Inspiration Behind the Business

Our Humble Beginning

Balloons by Design was created by Veronica way back in 1987. Her love of color and passion for decorating is the main inspiration and driving force behind the business. Her fascination with balloons and the thought of the unlimited possibilities they hold captivated her. She has the ability to create unique art forms combining fabrics, lights, and fresh flowers to instantly transform any ambiance.

Innovation at its best

We are constantly working on new and exciting ways to bring stunning pieces with our decorations. Our inventory is always fully stocked with a huge selection of colors, unique designs, and quality that can’t be compared to anyone else.

We cover all your needs

We’ve worked on dance floor canopies, themed objects and figures, arches, pillars, swags, bouquets, and table centerpieces. You’ll also love the way we can incorporate flowers, fabrics, and lights to your décor needs.

About the balloons

Unlike most other decorations, balloons are an ecologically friendly choice. They’re derived from rubber trees, which are biodegradable. We’re happy to share that the industry of growing rubber trees also provides sustainable business for rainforest economies.
If you wish, we can make these balloons last two weeks longer! To achieve this, we treat the helium filled balloons with a special sealant developed by an aeronautical engineer.
Our Customer Service Promise

Our promise to you: To deliver outstanding, beautiful art to enhance your occasion and ensure customer satisfaction — on time and on budget!

We have over 30 years of experience in the business and know how to give you results you'll love.

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